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liner notes

For those who are new to us we promise a respectful yet irreverent approach to a classic genre, klezmer, the history and culture of which we only partially belong to, which nevertheless we adore.
For those who know us already you will find new sounds (the piano, the glockenspiel, a strangely in-tune jerrycan, etc.), new type of tunes and the collaborations of musicians who share our passion for folklore immersed in chamber music, improvisation and folly.


  1. Oy oioi
  2. Aidiniko
  3. Rumenishe Fantaziye
  4. Fun Der Khupe
  5. Fun Tashlakh + Hora Batraneasca
  6. Doina
  7. Ukrainian Kolomeika
  8. Stratford Hora
  9. A Laibediga Honga
  10. Grichisher Tanz
  11. Nifty’s Freylakh
  12. Haneros Halallu
  13. Bei Mir
  14. Epitaph

All traditional tunes except for Stratford Hora (M. Teshome) and Hora Batraneasca, Doina (A. Stefanet).


Francesco Socal – clarinets, voice
Roberto Durante – piano, melodica & objects
Martin Teshome – cello

Pietro Pontini – violin & objects
Alex Turchet – double bass (n° 5-10-13)
Jimmy Weintein – drums (n°1-10)

recorded and mastered by Stefano Amerio in February 2014 at Artesuono Recording Studio.

design and illustrations by Riccardo Miotto, 2014.