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liner notes

After ten years between streets and theaters we are pleased to present this third work, in which, unseduced by any musical trends, we reiterate that the music we like is acoustic, dynamic and imperfect.

Thus contiues our journey into klezmer and Eastern European music, this time with a considerable addition of original compositions.


  1. hora bananeasca (E. Milani – P. Pontini)
  2. karsilamàs hijaz (traditional)
  3. Ciccio’s freilach (F. Socal)
  4. öt plusz kettó (R. Durante)
  5. Ciccio’s dream (F. Socal)
  6. Incubob (R. Durante)
  7. haneros (traditional)
  8. vounó me vounó (M. Hiotis)
  9. hasapiko kavvadia (L. Kavadias)
  10. bucimis – sedi donka (traditional)
  11. di tanz fun Vallonstrasse (F. Socal)
  12. whistle hora (F. Socal)
  13. biz in weisen tog arain (traditional)


Francesco Socal – clarinets, saxophones
Roberto Durante – keys, piano, accordion
Enrico Milani – cello
Pietro Pontini – violin, viola

Matteo Minotto – bassoon, percussion (tracks 1, 3, 5, 10, 11)
Martin Teshome – acknowledgment (track 1)

Recorded and mastered by Davide Dall’Acqua in March 2023, Treviso – Italy

Produced by Minimal Klezmer & Caligola Records

Cover design by Fabrizio Urettini
Cover artwork by Nicolò Giacomin

Thanks to Szabolcs Szoke, Martin Teshome, Alexandru Aruxandei, Claudio Donà, Carlo Mezzalira, Sandra Grandese, Davide Dall’Acqua, Ditta Rohmann