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liner notes

An assortment of traditional Klezmer tunes, served acoustically in improvisation sauce. We recommend our poutpourri of East European caramelized melodies with baroque mustard, our special Rolls a la Naftule served with wild gypsy tritones on a bed of ancient boiled rhythms, and finally our selection of giant breaded dissonant clusters submerged in fried freejazz ice cream. ENJOY!


  1. Mitzve Tenzl
  2. Old Bulgar
  3. Doina in B
  4. Galician Sher
  5. Tanz Tanz Yoshke
  6. Der Shtiller Bulgar
  7. Szàszrégen
  8. Ukrainer Khusidl
  9. Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheim
  10. Unzer Toirele-Taxim
  11. Orientalishe Motive
  12. Free-vezile
  13. Hopkele


Francesco Socal – clarinets, voice
Bob Durante – melodica, spoons
Martin Teshome – cello
Luca Piovesan – accordion

Recorder and mastered at Blowstudio in June 2012 by Luca Piovesan. Edited by Minimal Klezmer.

Graphic design by Bob Durante & Riccardo Miotto, 2012.

Thanks to Steve Kessel (inside booklet photo).