_LONDON JAZZ review!


Kieler Nachrichten

“As street musicians, the fabulous three have met in London. However, they do not conceal their roots in jazz and loopy minimal music. Therefore, their klezmer dances, that merge into an acrobatic hurricane, sound pleasantly freaky.
Sometimes, the three musical kobolds (Klabautenmänner) stir up their sound clowneries upon the stubbornly rocking cello, the joyfully squeaking clarinet, namely its little sister, the Eb clarinet and the nastily creaking bass brother. The melodica beeps and screeches in between, when Roberto Durante is not extracting from his piano plucked notes and glockenspiel-like sounds like from a daemon’s world. (…) The audience listens spellbound, before the minimalists show their long nose in this shrill gloomy sound.”

by Jörg Meyer – Kieler Nachrichten