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Francesco Socal

A musician of classical background, he is very active in Italy and abroad as contemporary classical, jazz and etno-jazz musician. Having studied with clarinettists like Roberto Scalabrin, Vincenzo Paci, Fabrizio Meloni, Sauro Berti, he has been dedicating himself intensely to contemporary classical music: apart from numerous collaborations and recording projects, he is the clarinettist of the L’Arsenale Ensemble led by Filippo Perocco.
He has always had a passion for Jewish music; he has founded and enriched his experiences playing with bands like Mazltov, the Sebes Duo with pianist Giovanni De Cecco, Rummellai, Cabarest, until he founded his main bands: the Rèjuoissance Ensemble and Minimal Klezmer, that, at this stage, is active at a European level.
He regularly holds ensemble playing workshops, that are founded on klezmer music.
In the context of improvisation music, he has played with David Boato, Sandro Gibellini, Rosa Brunello, Massimo Di Mattia, Bruno Cesselli, Alessandro Turchet, Daniel Vaczi, and many others. Apart from that, he works in a stable
collaboration with Hungarian etno-jazz composer Szabolcs Szoke.
In the past, he was clarinettist of the Venetian songwriting band “Don Ciccio Philarmonic Orchestra” and is currently active with the Friulian band Mocambo Swing.
He was Artistic Director of the “Flat” Association, with which he organized numerous cultural and musical
events, involving local and international musicians.
From 2012, he has been performing as clarinettist of the Orchestra of the Grande Caffè Quadri in St. Mark
Square in Venice, under the new management of the Alajm family.