_LONDON JAZZ review!


Elet es Irodalom

“Melodies focused on wind instruments, violin, cello and clarinet complemented by several objects, picked up suddenly, used most appropriately in a musical way; and in the second part there was a guest, Sárvári Zsolt Kovács, who played the drums. So this would be the foundation of klezmer music, minimally stripped, coming from Venice. But to this, it is understood, you need to add chord progressions typical for Nino Rota, the immense racdicalism of John Zorn and Masada, the timbre of Giora Feidman’s beautifully sobbing clarinet, the world of Fellini’s Amarcord. Modern popular music, klez-jazz founded on improvisation, Jewish theatre the Italian way? I do not think it is of importance, as I have still been captured by the force of the living music.” by Zoltàn Végső – Elet es Irodalom.